Water damage can affect any household and commercial property, regardless the size or structure. There are two main causes of water damage that lead to serious material damage. The first one is leaking, which most people leave unresolved. The second one is a flood, which can happen due to a natural disaster or as a consequence of unresolved leaking.

water damage

In both cases, you need to be prepared to react fast, because leaving water inside your house for too long can produce pools, mold, electricity and structural problems.

#1 Don’t delay the call

A rapid response is a key component in effective water restoration service. That’s why you need to call your insurance agency or someone that is in charge as soon as a water damage happens. They will recommend a water restoration company which suppose to arrive fast. If you already know a restoration company you want to hire, you shouldn’t wait for an insurance company to suggest one.

#2 Wait for restoration company specialist

When the water restoration specialist arrives, make sure you explain in detail the cause and level of damage. Ask if you could stay to oversee the work, but in most cases, it won’t be necessary. Most of the restoration companies offer a fast response – you can expect that they will arrive in 30 minutes or less.   

#3 Survey and inspection

A water restoration specialist will take a detailed survey on your property. He will be in a search for the source of water damage – such as leaking or external flood. The other thing he will be looking at is the affected area. He will then install the special moisture controlling instruments, that will help in making the assessment of moisture level inside the walls, floors, and ceiling.

water damage

#4 Signing a contract

After a water restoration specialist has gone through the initial assessment, he will inform you about the costs of his services. He might give you the contract, which you need to read and address any questions before signing it. This set of tutorials by Boca Raton Water Damage teach you the basics of what you need to know.

#5 Water restoration and removal

When you sign the contract, the water restoration specialist will begin with restoration and removal of water damage. First, he will clear up the mess and remove the furniture and appliances. Next, he will extract pooled water using special extractors. After that, he will use dehumidifiers to decrease the level of humidity and prevent mold growth. In the case of a distinct odor which stays after the flood, a water restoration specialist will use special sprays to extract the smell from the air. Finally, he will remove damaged furniture, debris or dirt from your home.

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#6 Checking the restored areas

Water restoration service will remove the damage on your possessions and clear up the mess. On the other side, it will prevent future leakings and plumbing issues by detection and resolve critical issues. A water restoration specialist could recommend to check out restored areas once a week. This is important in order to follow any signs of suspicious activities which can allude to another water damage.


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