What To Look For In A Stand Alone Dishwasher

Having a stand alone, portable dishwasher can significantly affect the overall design of your kitchen and benefit you in many ways. The best part probably is that you can choose whether it will be visible or not thanks to its mobility. It can be moved around your kitchen and make your kitchen space more appealing. On the other hand, if you’re in a small apartment with limited counter space, you will appreciate this mobility even more.

Here are some basic things you should be looking for in a stand alone dishwasher:

Installation – most portable dishwashers are rather easy to install and connect the hoses to the sink. If you never fixed anything around the house and don’t even know to hold a screwdriver, you will be able to complete the set-up in less than three minutes. That means that you can set it up by yourself and don’t have to spend money on hiring a professional.

Size – as with every kitchen appliance, the size of a dishwasher can play a significant part in the overall design of your kitchen. This is especially important when it comes to the size of the apartment – a smaller apartment needs a smaller dishwasher. This hold true not only for the dimensions of a dishwasher, but also its capacity. Majority of portable dishwashers are 18 inches wide, which makes it easier to combine with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Unfortunately, a smaller dishwasher means less space for your dishes, which can be an issue for big families, but it is a perfect choice for a house with no more than three occupants.

Features – maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but a portable stand alone dishwasher comes with surprisingly good features and options as the full-sized ones. Most of them include stainless steel tub and interior (prevents rust, chips or cracks), multiple wash cycles, wash upper rack, adjustable racks, removable upper rack, delayed start and food grinder. When you choose a stand alone dishwasher, you will have all features and benefits as if you choose a full-sized one – no need to give up on anything!

Convenience – the main benefit of a portable dishwasher is that you can move it around your kitchen space anytime you want. Portable dishwasher makes you an extra storage space in the kitchen because you don’t have to build it in under the counter. Additionally, you will get an extra cutting space – the top of a portable dishwasher is covered with cutting boards or cover boards materials. After all, it all comes down to the convenience of having a small sized dishwasher and not dealing with a large pile of dirty dishes.

Price – in general, portable dishwasher will cost you less than built-in model and will provide you with all the options that any built-in model has. Basically, you will be paying less for the same product. However, there are exceptions to the rule: some portable dishwashers can be expensive, depending on the manufacturer and features.

Although it is a good choice for most household, portable dishwashers come with some downsides, too. The main problem is quietness – no portable dishwasher can be compared to any built-in model in that regard. Portables doesn’t come with additional cabinet surrounding that prevents noise, which can be an issue if you’re not a sound sleeper.

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